Thursday, November 6, 2014

Young Men And The Craze To Be Gigolos -By Ruth Choji

Found this on Leadership newspaper and it's so interesting....Male prostitutes or Gigolos as they are popularly known are becoming common place in big cities in Nigeria, they hang around places like the political arena, corporate world, at gyms, wine bars, restaurants and even market places. Some of them hang around holiday resorts or five star hotels where single women visit regularly. Whilst lounging at the hotel she will be approached by a young local man. Some could be found in big stores where wealthy women go to shop and some are employed servants who ‘service’ their madam in the absence of their boss for extra money and gifts.

One of them who opened up to Leadership Newspaper is Alex (not real name) and he said;
“I didn’t plan to become a gigolo, but my looks seem to attract women and the older ones are always willing to pay me to have sex with me. They, in turn introduce me to their friends who also pay me. Although my family don’t know what I do for a living, I told them I am a special assistant to my current madam because we are always together and I travel with her on all her numerous trips abroad. She is a top government official, married but enjoys dating boys like me. So far she is the biggest I have gotten and through her, I can now boast of two cars, a land in Abuja and lots of money in my two accounts.
I love ‘madam’ because she is not possessive or domineering like the previous one. Her own is just for me to be there when she needs me”. The 34 years old graduate of political science said for now, he is enjoying himself but will settle down when he has made enough money to start his own business”.

Isaac Dogo (not real name) who only dates mature women state that....
“I don’t see myself as a gigolo. I have never liked young women because of their stress, a mature woman is simple and will go the extra mile to take care of you. I didn’t start dating older women because of money, they were the ones that started giving me money and gifts because I treat them well. I don’t intend to marry a young woman because already I am used to older women.
They pamper you and make one feel special, I don’t go through the stress other men go through because my woman understands me. Anyone that tries to control or use her age to disrespect me, I leave her. Younger women will want to assess you to see if you can provide her with all the good things of life and a future, whereas an older woman already knows who she is and what she wants to do.

Gigolo or male prostitution is the practice of young men providing sexual services to older women for reward. They are known as male escorts, gigolo’s rent-boys, hustlers, models or masseurs, depending on the environment they operate in.
If an older woman pays a young man who is not her husband to have sex with her, it is called Zina. The term zina signifies voluntary sexual intercourse between a man and a woman not married to one another, irrespective of whether one or both of them are married to other persons or not.


Eddy Duke said...

Gigolos are only meant for lazy men who do not like to work.

Oge chukwura said...

Lazy men