Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All For A Car? Chinese Competition Gets Contestants Stand On One Leg For Many Hours To Win A BMW Car

Contestants in China competed in a grueling contest to win a brand new BMW X1 in which the keys were given to the person who could stand on one leg for the longest while touching the car.

 The stunt started in Jiangxi Province on March 1 with more than 140 participants hopping to it and entering three elimination phases. The game started at 9:30am. All competitors were asked to touch the BMW with one hand and stand on one foot.
At 13:30pm, to add to the difficulty, participants were required to stand on tiptoe on one foot. Organisers even spread flour under each person’s foot to ensure that they didn’t rest their heel on the ground.  Wu Qide became the last man standing after 7 hours and 26mins. He went home with the new BMW...See more photos below...

Lol...Suffering indeed

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