Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wow!..Could You Have Guessed Right? Kim Kardashian Goes Undercover To Hide Identity

I wouldn't have guessed right either. Who would think the smooth,slim face and hour glass figure Kim will be in such form?... I wonder if Kanye West would have fallen in love for her if she looked that way..Hehehe
Kim Kardashian looked unrecognizable on the Tuesday, March 18 episode of Wendy Williams' Oxygen series, Celebrities Undercover.
 Kim wore a dramatic disguise to trick fans who were interviewing to be her assistant.she wore prosthetic makeup to transform her face on the show. The reality star also wore a curly, frizzy black wig, thick-framed glasses, and bad fake teeth to further hide her identity.
And the disguise worked! Kardashian, as Cynthia, pretended to join other fans in interviewing for the position of her assistant, without any of the girls realizing it was her -- including her own sister! Kourtney Kardashian didn't recognize Kim until she pulled of the wig and prosthetic makeup for the big reveal. See photos of her total transformation below...

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