Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Biggest Joke Ever!...Kanye West Walks Away From Kim Kardashian After 58 Days Of Marriage

Saw this on Mediatakeout but I think for me this is the biggest joke of the year because it is not true. Kanye West adores Kim Kardashian so much and there is no freaking way this has to be true. Maybe a fight but not walking away from their marriage. Kanye that has waited for good 10 good to finally have Kim as his wife...Naaaa, this is absolutely false...Read what Mediatakout wrote from the magazine below... 

Kim Kardashian is desperate to save face as Kanye West abandons her just weeks after their wedding. Kim Kardashian has made a career out of flaunting her perfect life. So after a day of lounging in the sun in lush Punta Mita Mexico, on July 18, she dutifully shared bikini selfies with her nearly 40 million social media followers . . . But In Touch has learned it's all nothing more than a carefully crafted smoke screen - and that just 58 days after exchanging vows, Kim and Kanye's marriage is over.

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Anonymous said...

The magazine just want to sell. Kanye is in love with kim~Jady