Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Disgusting!!...Watch Video Of A Woman Who Can FLIP Her Butt Implants After Botched Surgery

This isn't appeasing at all to watch but the question is this why do women think having a big, round butt is the only key to attention and beauty?...Who even invented this butt implant, silicone filler and so on of a thing?...

 Former Las Vegas stripper Renee Talley, 45, is another victim of butt implant gone wrong. n November 2012, Renee posted a video that showed how she could flip her butt implants inside-out, creating unsightly disc shapes in each cheek. She explains the story behind the botched surgery in the TV show.

'This whole procedure has affected my life in so many different ways, I don't really look in the mirror at myself anymore because I'm not happy with the way my butt looks.'I started altering my butt area in 2010,' she explained, putting it down to 'a little mid-life crisis'. 'I wanted the volume and the fullness back at the top of my butt.'....Watch clip below....

Just six months after getting silicone injections, however, she began feeling sick. 'I was having a lot of fatigue, I had a lot of pain and sensitivity in my butt,' she recalls. 'I was having stomach issues and bathroom problems and it progressively got worse.'

Finally, she had an MRI, at which point doctors discovered that the silicone had migrated up her back and down her legs, attaching to her organs and resulting in autoimmune disease. She knew she had to remove the implants, but when a doctor told her the removal would result in 'some deformities' since they had to cut out some of the tissue as well, Renee let her vanity get the best of her.

'Me being vain, I didn't want that,' she confessed. 'I decided to put an implant in to fill in the space where the silicone was removed. They wanted me to wait six months, and I said no.' Consequently, the second surgery caused even more problems.
 Now, Renee was able to feel and move the implants when she put her hands underneath her rear-end, which she is seen doing in the viral video.

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