Monday, July 21, 2014

Fans And Their Comments About Lola Omotayo Okoye

In fact the best place to relief stress sometimes is on social media especially when there are negative reports on a celebrity.
We all know the latest controversial talk has been on the Okoyes' family. Peter Okoye posted photos of one of the Jackson 5's brother Jermaine Jackson who is recently in Nigeria to help them work on their 6th music album. He was also at Tuface's album launch that took place last weekend. Peter posted photo of Jermaine hanging out with his wife and children.
Now here the main story..Some fans think Lola looks better when she isn't smiling because she probably looks older when she smiles(Peter already blocked Another fan who I quickly captured his comment before peter deletes it said, Lola looks beautiful while standing close to Jermaine because they are same age mate..Come on!, Lola can't be in her 50s, so they can't be age mates. Lol
Everyone knows Lola is older than Peter but let's be truthful, she is gorgeous maybe because she is pregnant now,that's why she looks different, but for real that woman doesn't even look her age so why the beefs?. .See more photos Peter shared below..

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Anonymous said...

When has age become a problem in Nigeria?they should free this woman jor