Thursday, July 24, 2014

Malaysia Crash: Dutch People Call For Putin's Daughter To Be Deported From Holland

Following the incident of Malaysia airline flight MH17 that was shot down by pro-Russian rebels that killed 282 which 193 victims were Dutch citizens, Anti-Putin activists have now called for protests outside Russian President's daughter's house in Holland.

 28-year-old Maria Putin  is reported to have resided in the Netherlands for several years with Dutch partner Jorrit Faassen, 34, an executive for a Russian consultancy firm. He owns a two-storey penthouse apartment at the top of a luxury high-security block in Voorschoten, next to an idyllic canal.

Yesterday, anti-Putin activists from around the world were posting the address on Twitter and urging Dutch people to set up a protest outside.
One wrote:
‘Dear Dutch ppl! If you want to visit Putin’s daughter, [this is the] address.’

Among the Dutch victims were nine residents of The Hague, including a family of four, a local artist and a newly-married couple on their honeymoon.

 There was also 17-year-old schoolgirl Elsemiek de Borst, whose heartbroken father Hans de Borst has spoken out about Putin’s involvement.

He said: ‘Maria Putin may have nothing to do with this. ‘However, her father is very powerful and I think he had the power to send some Russian military forces to this crash site to guard the victims over the last few days.
Despite this, he decided not to. ‘Mr Putin and other parties in this, I have reason to believe that one of them is the murderer of my child. ‘Maybe indirectly, maybe it was not the intention. But the separatists were able to obtain these weapons and that was the outcome.’

The mayor of the city of Hilversum, Pieter Broertjes, yesterday called for Ms Putin to be deported from the country in a radio interview. He later apologised for his comments.

 Maria is understood to divide her time between Russia and the Netherlands, with the couple remaining very much within Putin’s inner circle. She appears to keep her distance from her neighbours and her father and his staff are said to keep a close protective watch over her.
Putin is said to be so paranoid about her safety that he has not allowed her to be photographed as an adult in the Russian media and sent her to university under a different name. Her new enemies on social media will do little to ease Putin’s fears for her safety.

 Just like the saying goes....Sins of the father extended to children... But do you think Maria is to be blamed for what her father did?

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Unknown said...

The incident should not be connected to her.They should go after her father.