Monday, July 21, 2014

My Horrible Experience At The Ghost House In Germany

I was finding this a little hard to tell but it's an experience I need to tell because it was filmed and in case you see it on YouTube just remember I already told you guys what happened...Lol. I know some of you will be searching for this on YouTube after reading this but I pray you don't find it..

It was a hot day on Saturday evening, I decided to have a walk with my friend down to the annual carnival that takes place in Europe. Since the carnival started, I never rode on any of the fun rides because they are all scary and I have phobias for height. The last time I rode on one with my Jamaican friend in South America, I sworn never to ride in it again.

So finally, after walking like 20 mins with my friend, we decided to try one of the fun house and then we made the greatest mistakes of our lives. I thought it was just like those ones in Nigeria Amusement park, House of horror. I never knew this was so different and based on the fact I am an adult and nothing scares me, so I took the courage to go and see what was inside.

We paid for their entrance fees and then the journey began.....At first when I got inside the house just the sounds alone i was beginning to shiver but there was no turning back because once you're  in you must follow only the exit route to get out...

My friend and I held on to each other while walking but in got to a stage we had to cross a coffin I was like WTF?..cross a tiny hole made of casket?..I tried to turn back but then three other white kids came behind us and we could see the excitement in their eyes then we picked up courage so we don't look like fools and crossed the tiny casket...I felt dead in there...

On crossing there I said to my self what next then this horrible sound was just coming towards me and the whole place was dark, I felt something touching my hair but then i didn't want to scream I walked fast as my legs could carry me...Let's fast forward to the funniest part.

On getting to the exit part where you have to jump out, there was a big roller that keep rotating in a fast circular motion and if you don't walk with caution, it will throw you down and roll you in circles.
I didn't know how to get out of it because people were already standing there to watch how two black adults will survive it. Trust these white folks, all phones and cameras were all rolling to watch the final moment.
I asked my friend to go first so I can watch how she gets out but in fact she gave the white folks the free movie they were asking for...Trying to walk past, those fools increased the speed and there and then she lost her grip and fell, then the roller began rolling her in a circular motion and everyone standing there began laughing at her. Then I pulled her out and we tried again and this time she tried to crawl but each time she steps in the speed increases. I lost hope of ever coming out from there. I wanted to cry but held my tears. I swear NEVER to EVER enter any horror house anywhere..I am sure you wouldn't want to know how we finally came out....Next story for next time.
After my escape i took a pics with one of the skeleton

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Eddy Duke said...

Lol, I can imagine the look on your face that day