Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So Possible!..Music Legend Chaka Khan Says She Haven’t Had Sex in 10 Years

Well many people might think it's not possible considering the crazy world we are living in these days, where sex has become daily trend. I have known this person all my life and for 14 years since her separation from her husband, she haven't had sex.
Music legend and 10 times Grammy winning singer Chaka Khan, was on Wendy Williams’ 50th birthday party show special where she  talked about her love life, drug addition then...the shocker,10 years of NO SEX..
The mother of two said when Wendy asked her if she has a boyfriend or friends...she paused then shook her head before responding; "I haven't had it in 10 years, and that’s a real friend. That’s a friend without benefits. I’m not looking for benefits.”...That response threw Wendy off her seat. Watch clip below

You can fast forward to 7.30 to watch her response about her sex life.... She later performed one of her hit songs on Wendy' show. watch below...

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Eddy Duke said...

She sounds like someone who is still high, that voice don't sound like the Chaka Khan that I use to know before.