Friday, July 25, 2014

Was French Montana Suppose To Be Around Khole Kardashian With Her Open Boobs During Ramadan Fast?

I didn't even know French Montana is muslim....And he is even observing the Ramadan. That's cool to know. Khloe Kardashian & French Montana were On Angie Martinez Show. He was first interviewed, there he talked about his religion,his divorce process, Kanye West...Then Khole stepped in, she talked about how people bash her little sisters, and how people talks about her relationship with French Montana....And the whole time Khole stepped in, French Montana was so
The part that hit me most was the fact that he is fasting and Khloe keeps touching him in this kind of seductive way then talking about f**king, with part of her boobs showing...Isn't that distractive? Watch clip below...

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Eddy Duke said...

He is fasting with style.Not a true muslim