Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Are You Kidding Me?.N1.9billion Approved For Fighting Ebola Now Used In Buying Cars?

This can't be happening all the time. Yesterday Nigeria's Health Minister Prof. Chukwu announced that Nigeria has only one confirmed Ebola case remaining. But before it came this some of Nigerian top dignitaries like Dangote donated N150million, Tony Elumelu gaveN50million and even the president Jonathan approved N1.9billion to help fight against Ebola spread in the country.

Now contray to what Prof. Chukwu said yesterday during a press conference, he denied that the money donated for Ebola was not meant for the virus rather for buying more cars for working and the cars have been ordered already.. Lol.  Are you kidding me????
This was what he said below...

 "The N1.9billion approved by the president was for the federal ministry of health. It is not for Ebola fund. It will be used to procure more vehicles for working which have been ordered. It would be used to procure more drugs that have been ordered... and other items.
"In the case of Lagos state, after the president met commissioners of health, the president then asked the minister of health to discuss with the technical people and money has been approved for Lagos state," the minister said.

When will corruption ever stop in Nigeria???


Anonymous said...

They want to share the money among themselves. But any of these government spending Ebola money will be struck by Ebola~Jady

Eddy Duke said...

Nigeria I hail thee, why must these people continue to steal money?