Thursday, August 28, 2014

Juicy Details Of How Tonto Dike And Her Ex Bff Toyin Lawani's Friendship Went Sour

Few weeks ago Tonto Dike and her former bff Toyin Lawani stormed social media with a messy fight. They left many of their fans wondering what had went wrong between the two former best friends.
Gathering information, sources revealed that the whole fight was linked to a man named Taiwo Afolabi (Tonto mentioned his name during the tweet fight). Read here.

 Tonto was said to be having a secret affair with the shipping magnate and Sifax boss Taiwo Afolabi who she ater introduced her friend Toyin to him in order to help her out in her business line. One thing led to another, Toyin started sleeping with Afolabi behind her friend's back.

One thing lead to another again, Tonto Dike found out about her Bff's secret affair with her man, then hell was let loose....Before anyone could say 'Jack', the rightful owner of oga on top Afolabi's wife also found out about the sizzling romance of Toyin and her husband.

Afolabi's wife then threatened Toyin when she found out that she was pregnant but wasn't sure if the pregnancy was for her husband or another man. She even stormed Toyin's office to give a stay clear warning off her man.

While the war was going on, our dear Tonto the tortoise tired excluding her name being mentioned in the whole infidelity sage. ...To get back to Toyin , she began getting closer to one of Toyin's staff Swanky Jerry Ogbodo who’s now Tonto's wardrobe consultant.

Recall that Tonto Dike disowned shopping with Tiannhstyling owned by Toyin and was giving credit to all outfit styled on her by Toyin Lawani to Jerry and that was what started the whole tweet fight. All this was to get back at her former bff for stabbing her at her back.

National Enquirer


Eddy Duke said...

Why are they washing their dirty panties outside?.

Eddy Duke said...

Why are they washing their dirty panties outside?.