Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Teaching: Are You A Christian Or A Church-Goer?

Sorry this is coming late, but believe me this topic is worth waiting for because  it's time we question our stand in Christ when it comes to being a Christian or just a church goer...On a glorious and bright morning, you see that very beautiful lady in the gorgeous dress, with a face, even the angels would envy walking gloriously to the church. That gentleman in the neatly ironed white shirt is not left out. You look at his polished shoe and wonder if you should throw your mirror away and go in for this shoe which reflects your face.

When it is praises and worship time, you see her dancing and moving her body like the wind blows according to her graceful body movements. He dances like David, praising God and singing from his inner being.

The rich man sits somewhere and says in his heart, today, I will give a lot during fund raising so the pastor will make me an elder or a deacon. But the question you keep asking yourself is this “are they Christians or church goers?”

As a child growing up, Sundays were days you could never sleep after 6:30am because you knew mum would come and wake you up for church service. As I grew, I wondered to myself if I am a believing Christian or I only went to church because mum says so.

In today's century, many are those who go to church because they believe going to church makes you a Christian.
Some also go to please others and prevent judging eyes from looking at them while they slept deeply on a Sunday morning. While some go just to display their latest fashion and bags....

However, is this what God and the bible require from us? What makes a person a Christian? Doing good only does not make one a Christian.

When I was young, I often heard people say on judgment day, God would weigh our good deeds and our bad deeds. If our good deeds outweighed our bad deeds, then we were on our way to heaven and if the bad outweighed the good…need I say the implication?

The church-goer are just the hearer of the word of God. And the word of God only stays in the house of God and never follows them home.They turn to their normal life as soon as they get home.

There is a huge difference between a Church-goer and a Christ-follower. You can be a Christ-follower and go to a church. But, did you know that you are also able to hide out at church and never actually allow God to transform you? These kinds of people are “Plastic Christians”; those who “talk the talk” (they have learned the “Christianese” language) but they do not “walk the walk” (allow Christ to be revealed in their everyday ordinary lives)
  We should ask ourselves if we go to church for the right reasons and that is to worship in the house of God and fellowship with other believers or we go to church to impress people with our new cars, clothes or to give very handsome tithes and offerings to prove how rich we are.

God wants a heart that pleases him and not a heart that wants to please others. God is looking for a pure heart that is ready to serve Him and obey all His commandments.

 Which are you? A believing Christian or a church-goer?

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