Monday, August 25, 2014

What Will Kanye Be Thinking?...Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Voted As VMAs Worst Dressed 2014

Yeah, those outfits were so horrible!, what were Kanye West´s women thinking?....Following the recent VMA night red carpet outfits, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose were voted as worst dressed at the recent VMA. Let's see more closer photos below...

Kim looked like she ripped out some curtains off a wall and put them on her before stepping out. That Balmain ensemble did no justice to her body and showcasing her water melons like that was just hilarious

Amber Rose

What was that woman thinking when she wore that outside?...Seeking for attention I guess!. Amber wore a metallic draped Laurel DeWitt dress that barely covered her assets.
The model barely covered up her bosoms and bum in the bejeweled number, channeling Rose McGowan's famous hardly there outfit from the 1998 VMAs.

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