Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yvonne Nelson Spits Fire After Iyanya Nominated Her For The Ice Bucket Challenge

Lol, Ice bucket challenge don cause trouble. ...Okay, here is the gist, we all know that our Nigeria celebrities and non celebrities have been taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Iyanya was then nomiated, as the rule of the game you have to nominate three other people. So "all I want is your waist" singer nominated his ex girlfriend Yvonne and two other people.
 People were then advising Yvonne to accept the challenge but our dear Yvonne who I guess is still angry at Iyanya took to her IG page to spit fire and brimstone, threatening to block anyone who talks shit on her page.
Hmmm, this makes me wonder if she is still holding onto the past? .

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