Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Actor Saint Obi Now President Jonathan’s Media Consultant??

 Last month, Saint Obi stunned many Nigeria when he posted photo of his newly acquired 
bullet proof 2014 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon worth a reported N46 million. Many were quick to ask if the car was bought with money from his acting career since the actor has not featured in recent movies. Unknown to many Saint Obi, is now into Media Consulting and has spread his tentacles to Aso Rock. He recently earned a deal as the President's media consultants.

His aim is to work on strategies of  making the masses see why President Goodluck has to come back for a second term in 2015.
 The new media consultant,said; "Despite the security challenges in the country, which will certainly end very soon, no Nigerian President had performed better than President Goodluck Jonathan in terms of first 3 years as President. This is a fact, not the falsehood circulated by 2015 power seeking propagandists."

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Eddy Duke said...

And what is he consulting?.