Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And Again.....Karrueche Tran Pregnant With Chris Brown's Baby According To MTO

They will stop at nothing until they achieve something....MTO has always been giving rumors related to celebrity pregnancy...Recall they reported one time that Khloe Kardshian was pregnant of Lamar's baby during their crisis, it is already a year and we still see Khloe with flat tummy and bigger butt. They also claimed Beyonce was pregnant which we are yet to confirm. Now their headline news is that Karrueche Tran is pregnant with Chris Brown's baby.
According to MTO.....

Remember all that talk a few months back about "pregnancy" that Chris Brown was doing on Instagram . . . well it WORKED.
A insider confirmed to us that Karrueche is telling those close to her that she is IN FACT PREGNANT.
This ain't rumors y'all - IT'S FACT!!! The insider explained, "She's very confused right now, because she loves Chris and Chris wants a baby. But Karrueche wants more than just a child - she wants a real commitment.
No more Rihanna jumpoff sessions, no more strippers, just the two of them." Don't get it twisted though. Karrueche is KEEPING THE BABY. The insider explained, "[Karrueche] is preparing her life for the child now." CONGRATS Chris and Karrueche . . . we can't wait until she starts showing!!

I hope they get this rumor true for once!..


Oge chukwura said...

Let's wait and see

Eddy Duke said...

So finally she hit it first befor Rihanna. Congrats to them.

Anonymous said...

Lol, MTO always love to bereak exclusive lies. Maybe this one is true, only time will tell~Jady