Monday, September 1, 2014

Ex-President, Olusegun Obasanjo’s Cousin Pregnant At 64 Years

64-year-old Kikelomo Ajibose Anubi, a second cousin to former President of Nigeria, General Olusegun Obansanjo, is pregnant with her first child after 28 years of marriage.
 Mrs Kikelomo attends church at the popular Lagos church, Christ Revival Victory Chapel International, owned by late Prophet Elijah Iretiola Ajanaku.

During a Sunday service after Ajanaku’s funeral, announcement was made that people who have testimonies should come out. Over 15 people gave testimonies, but Mrs Kikelomo Ajibose didn’t give hers. Then after another announcement was made that people who still have testimonies to give should not deny their Prophet, she stepped out.

This woman shocked the entire congregation that she was pregnant at 64. She revealed to the numerous guests who came from all walks of life how he met Prophet Ajanaku few months before he died.

" I was introduced to Prophet Ajanaku by a friend. I remember when I got to the church I raised my head to see his picture and said Man of God, I have brought my problem again. I saw him that day and he told me, its your fault. He told me the story of my life.
He even revealed how my husband left the house and asked if I was at fault and I said no. He prayed for me and I left. Any time my heart is troubled I come to the church for service. My husband is a Ghanaian, and he left the house for me for six years. I never knew what went wrong or what I did”.

 Explaining further on her health condition, she explained that she has been childless for a while:

 " I have been married for a while, I have done IVF at a popular hospital on the Island and it failed. In fact my uncle who is a top shot paid for it. I almost lost my life before God intervened”.

Just as she was giving testimony one of the church members who doesn’t want her name mentioned revealed to this magazine that Mrs Kikelomo Ajibose is a younger cousin to former President , Olusegun Obansanjo.

 In an interview with the Owu born businesswoman, Mrs Ajibose revealed to City People how she was blessed with the fruit of the womb.
Her words were “I am pregnant and permit me to tell you that by next year when I have my baby, I will be 65.
I have being married for 28 years. It may amaze you that I got pregnant in a natural way. I didn’t do IVF”. When asked if she is truly to former President Obasanjo, her words were “He is my uncle and somebody I respect so much. My mum is his elder sister and if you look at my face, you will see the semblance. I am his second cousin. I am also from Owu.”

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Oge chukwura said...

To God be the glory

Eddy Duke said...

Hmmm, do i believe this story?. well may God be praised either way it comes.

Ifeoma Nevobasi said...

Praise God. Happy for you. But who is the lucky groom/ father of the baby?