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From The Blogger's Desk: It Was All Meant To Be (Final Chapter From Sorrows From The Past)

I thought maybe my visitor was a sympathizer who felt pity for me but as she stood there looking at me in disgust, I knew this was never going to be a friendly visit....As soon as she opened her mouth and mentioned her name, immediately I knew she was the cause of my present predicament.

Her husband was one of my money milking machine I had sucked so dry. He took me to almost every trip he makes in and outside the country; Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Enugu, Calabar, Dubai. He was so obsessed with me but all I wanted was the money. He even promised  taking me as his second wife before this strange illness befall on me. I guess he told his wife about it and she decided to strike me down with no mercy.

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As she stood there, I could feel her heart boiling. If eyes were guns, I would have been shot dead at that very moment.  She explained why her mission  wasn't accomplished because since the past week, someone has been disturbing her in her dream to undo what she has done on me or she will die.
I was shocked on hearing her confession  but then I knew it was the power of my true salvation and sincere prayers to God that have saved me. I have been given a second chance to live again.

Before she left, the woman gave me a serious warning if I ever come closer to her husband again, I might not live to see the next day. She told me the story of how she and her husband suffered before they reached the position they are in the society and for that reason no woman will ever come in-between her marriage. She left my place with the promise of undoing what she did on me.

Two days after her visit I began to feel better again. My swollen feet was getting light. My health was bouncing back to normal. I couldn't hide my joy of surviving again after walking through the shadow of death.

After two weeks I felt better and fit to go back to school again, I never believe in charms and spiritual attacks but after I survived this horrible sickness I believed that there are greater powers beyond the earth but only the power of the Most High God can save.

I learned that sometimes God allow things to happen to us just to either test our faith in him or draw us back to him. I started to my school again after missing two semesters, I had to repeat a year of my class.

Despite the challenges of life, I took my bible classes serious. Some of the people who knew me back then, were so surprise on how I changed so much even in my dressing. I did some menial jobs to take care of my daughter. God blessed my mother's business and we were able to cope in other things.

Months passed, I rounded up my classes and exam, God so kind my grades came out more than good. I was happy again. I tried other relationships but it all crashed because I said "No" to sex. Some of them were my so called Christian brothers in the church. They all live in the pretense of Christianity but they are no better than the Sunday Sunday Christians out there.

Months passed again, and no good man was coming into my life. I needed not just any kind of man but a true Christian, who will accept me and my child. I knew it was time to change the angle of my prayer points. I began to take prayers of a life partner serious. I was almost clocking 30.
Each time I pray, this bible verse Philippians 4:6-7  never depart my heart. It says:
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

 Then one day, God showed me he has never forsaken me. Towards my final year in school, I was preparing to take my final exams, I got a text message from my old friend to meet her up at the school canteen after my exams. She told me I was in for a big surprise. I was thinking what the surprise could be but then I needed to finish up with my main course exam.

After about 3 hours of battling with my exam sheet, finally it was over and I hoped for the best. Quickly I called to meet my friend at the appointment venue.
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I got there within 20mins, after a warm hug and exchange of pleasantries, I asked her what the surprise was all about....She asked me to turn around for my surprise, I slowly turned around and he was standing behind me...The father of my daughter Emmy was right there. After 2 years of abandoning me and his child.....I felt different kinds of blood flowing inside me.One was anger, the other was anxiety.

Without wasting time I quickly grabbed my bag to leave but my friend blocked my way. Emmy went on his knees to beg me. I felt the tears running down my face, people have began to gather round, trying to figure out what was going on.
I didn't want to create more scene than we already created, one part of me wants him back but the other reminded me of the pains he cost me.
 I asked him to get up then I noticed he was richly dressed and smells expensive. maybe things are better than it was before, who knows.

I was boiling inside me because there were too many questions that needed to be answered. He left without saying goodbye, he never called to know about his child, he was never there for me after I got pregnant. Now he comes back after two years of passing through hell and back all to take care of our child.

I told my friend I had to think about his coming back to my life and it wasn't a situation I would just grab at its cost because I was deeply offended.

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I told my mother about the whole story, Emmy just came back from the States. According to what he told me, he won an America Visa Lottery but  left without saying goodbye because he didn't want to hurt me with the news while I was pregnant. He said his friends lied against me, so he was confused and wanted to get back at me. He lives and work  in Chicago.

 I was surprise that my mother took the case easily more than me. She advised me like a mother would by reminding me of my Christian faith and what the bible says about forgiveness.. He is still the father of my child . I prayed over it before inviting him over to see his daughter Amarachi.

He came on a weekend to see us. I can't forget the tears in his eyes when he saw his daughter for the first time, he kept hugging and kissing her cheek at every slightest chance. Amara was a carbon copy of him.

We reconciled and everything went back as normal, he had only 2 months holiday so he made good use of it to bond with his daughter.
Finally my big 3-0 birthday came, I didn't have so much money to celebrate but Emmy helped me with some money . I invited few of my true friends. Everything went good and then toasting time came, Emmy made a special toast to me. He started telling my friends how we all started, how I made him cry and happy, the good and bad times, then suddenly he went on his knees and popped out the question "Will you marry me?"..

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That came as a shock to me, I wasn't expecting the question at all, because I thought our friendship was just based on our daughter. he said he has prayed over it, and the answer keeps pointing at me.
Without wasting time, I let the tears flow from my eyes before  saying "Yes" to his proposal.

Rewinding to this very present day....I graduated from school with a second class lower, but then I began thinking I could have been dead if not for Christ, I taught crossing the easy way would land me to my greatest fame but it didn't work my way.
For some people they make it big through dubious ways but for some you need to follow the narrow way to make it in life. All fingers they say are never equal. What works for A might not work for B.
 Today, I live with my husband Emmy in Chicago with our daughter and another baby on the way....Yea, we got married 6 months later and here I am a happy mother and wife....It was all meant to be.

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I decided to share my story because a lot of girls out there are going through same situation I went through in the past but always remember what went right for Stella might not be right for Tracy.
 Find your right path and crown it all with Christ.

By Stella Obike


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Wow, i'm glad it all ended well. It's good to be good no matter your condition~Jady

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So intresting. God bless her home.

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Nice story line