Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Graphic Photos: Generator Fumes Kill Man, Wife And Children In Lagos

A man, his wife, and three children have been killed by generator fumes in the Ipoyewa community, Adamo area of Ikorodu, Lagos. Their bodies were discovered by residents of the victims on Friday in their apartment. The man known as Jimoh, with his wife and children had suffocated to death from inhaling the fume of a generator which was found in their room.
According to source,Jimoh,bought the new generator on Wednesday last week  due to lack of power supply at the area, according to the Chairman, Ipoyewa Community Development Association, Mr. John Oluwole, he said that the last time they had light in that area was three years ago.

Mr Jimoh switched on the generator over night for his family that evening and when they were about to sleep, for safety reasons of the generator, he brought it inside their two bedroom apartment.

Narrating on how the bodies were discovered, another resident said it was after one of the woman who sold drinks along with Jimoh's wife did not see her that morning, she went over to her house only to see the door locked and when she rang her cellphone number it range inside. Then she peeped through the window and saw the dead bodies.
The residents are calling up on the government to help install light. They have all contributed about  N60,000 to buy a transformer, erect poles and fix the wires.  See photos below.. Warning: Graphic


Oge chukwura said...

OMG may their souls rest in peace

Anonymous said...

OMG!, this is really a shocking death. And yet we have govt. that sleep with light 24/7 yet a common man lives without electricity for 3 years. RIP to the dead~Jady