Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Second Baby??

I really need a good laugh on this because one of my commenter predicted this will happen after Kate Middleton's pregnancy was announced....Are we having second babies competition here?. First it was with Kate Middleton announcing she was pregnant with her second child, then came the rumor of Beyonce and JayZ expecting their baby number 2 and now Kimye is rumored to be pregnant with her second child....Multiple sources are reporting that Kim Kardashian is indeed pregnant with baby number two.

According to the September 22nd edition of Star Magazine, the signs are all there. Kim has suddenly stopped talking to her friends and family about trying for another baby, which is strange because that was all she talked about up until a few weeks ago. She recently began gaining weight rapidly, just like her first pregnancy. Also, Kim has begun dropping off the map and not doing appearances, nor has she been spotted out and about as frequently as usual.

Source said Kanye was about making the announcement in his usual way but called it off after Kate Middleton's pregnancy was announced on September 8th.
Recall Kim and Kate were both pregnant with North and George at the same time, and the media was constantly comparing the two mothers-to-be and their pregnancy milestones. At the time Kim loved the fact that she was sharing tabloid covers with the Duchess. The last thing Kim and Kanye want is for Kate’s pregnancy to overshadow theirs.


Anonymous said...

I said it!, Kim will come running to be pregnant. Oya make una dolf hat for me, lol~Jady

Anonymous said...

Is this news?.


Oge chukwura said...

She no even waste tym congratulations to her