Saturday, September 6, 2014

Moved On Or Publicity Stunt?...Nadia Buari Spotted Holding Hands With A Mystery Man(Photos)

Don't know if this a publicity stunt or something is going a relationship. Anyway Nadia Buari posted these photos on her IG page of her and a mystery guy wearing to match outfit and holding hands while they walk. Nadia Buari who is currently in Atlanta, might either be working on a clothing line because from her caption in one of the photos she talked about fashion..This is what she captioned;

 "He put both outfits together. Totally love his fashion line. easy breezy...#ThatKing. #TKL"

From my knowledge TKL is a cloth line owned by Joel Stallworth , so it's either that is the cloth line owner or she is making a photoshoot to market his cloth line... Joel Stallworth is married. If that is him, I don't think they are dating.
Meanwhile her ex boyfriend or Bff Jim Iyke is also in Atlanta. Don't ask me if they are also hooking up because I don't know. Ask Kermit the frog. Hehehe. More photos below....

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