Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nigeria Billionaire Kola Aluko Lives Large Yet His Wives & Kids Lives Like A Pauper -Family Member Reveals

Kola Aluko with Naomi Campbell
Nigeria billionaire Kola Aluko is said to be on the run after his business partners left in his possession a whooping sum of $4b (Four billion US Dollars), about 600 billion Naira. His family has also stated their dissatisfaction of the way he spends money on others yet his wives and kids lives poor.
Recall in June he was to be declared wanted by International Criminal Police Organisation(interpol), following his failure to return to Nigeria to answer questions on his business deals 

According to National  Enquirer, his sudden disappearance from the social circle and low profile lifestyle he adopted recently might not be unconnected with the whopping $4b (Four billion US Dollars), about 600 billion Naira which is said to be in his (Kola Aluko) possession.
The money given to him was for the proceeds of one of the booties or put it “national cake” between Aluko, a top female minister and some of his business partners.....
 Recall last year Aluko, squandered $1.5 (about N200m) on bottles of Champagne at the 39th birthday ceremony of Hollywood star, Leo DeCaprio in the US which he denied....
He was also rumored one time to be super model, Naomi Campbell's latest boyfriend whom she impressed  at the fabulous celebration that had Kanye West performed 10 songs while Kim Kardashian sang along.
Kola with Jamie Foxx
Other big spenders involved in the stiff lavish competition by ordering bottles after bottles of champagne at the bash included “The Wolf of Wall Street” producer Joey McFarland and Texas businessman Nate Paul, Ron Burkle, Jho Low and Vivi Nevo and Russian billionaire, Vladimir Doronin, Naomi’s ex-boyfriend of 5 years.
Now with Kola Aluko out of sight, his business partners are said to be gnashing their teeth over the monumental loss and close sources have promised to reveal the dirty source of the mysterious fund and those behind it.

With his scenic houses scattered around the world, an expensive yacht, power rides and couple of private jets which he flies in his entourage anytime he’s travelling, it will interest to know that, his two wives, Kemi, Teni and their children have been living from hand to mouth.

You cannot see traces of their father’s billions on them and several times he had quarrelled publicly with his wives over negligence yet he prefers champagne. It is just a shame”.

A family source who preferred anonymity said “We read about the huge spending and it is embarrassing to the Aluko family especially seeing his wives and children living like paupers. We just do not understand the sense in his behaviour.”
 In June 2012, he reportedly purchased two ultra-modern luxury estates in Beverly Hills at $40 million. One of the family members has also vowed to make available some dirty lifestyles and the real secrets why he prefers an opulence life and stupendously enriching outsiders to helping family members. 


Anonymous said...

So he dine and wine with the high and mighty yet he can't take care of his family. This is why most girls prefer to be a side chick instead of wife.

Assumpta said...

Lol .......he is not trying at all

Oge chukwura said...

Can u imagine living large why ur own family r suffering nawaooooo