Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nigeria A New Fashion Industry

 Among the new African markets that are developing across the continent, Nigeria’s fashion industry is certainly one of the top hits. As more people turn their attention to international brands, the Nigerian style is entering homes of many people around the world.

This advancement in the Nigerian fashion industry has spurred businesses to invest in this market and to create more jobs, providing new opportunities for many Nigerian talents.

Thanks to the success of the fashion industry in Nigeria, online shopping has made a huge impact in the overall economy of the country. Even locals are buying apparels made in Nigeria. Annually, Nigerians are spending on their own fashion industry somewhere from 100,000 to 1 million in Nigerian naira. As it has become easier to access the new trends through sites, where you can now buy and sell clothes and accessories from your home with all the convenience and ease, and create the desired and unique look that you’ve always wanted.

Fashion weeks around the world are showing the uniqueness and originality of African trends, attracting national and international audiences. The fast spread of the Internet has connected Africa, and Nigeria in particular, to other fashion capitals like London, New York, Paris, and Milan.

If you want to get your exotic style, let the Nigerian apparels inspire you. New designers are trying to create a mix of western and African styles, with different colors and patterns in order to make the perfect match for those men and women who want to embody the African culture, yet acknowledge the modernity of western styles.

The booming of the Nigerian fashion industry will surely keep growing. As more designers find new opportunities to advance their business, more people will be motivated to start investing in this market.


Eddy Duke said...

Kamify do you have another person writing for you?.

Anonymous said...

Love the yellow dress but wish I could see the full picture~Jady

swapna rajesh said...

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