Tuesday, September 9, 2014

No Singles Here!... 8 Best Sex Positions For Married Couples

I said this is only for married couples not single..If you are single and reading this, may the fire of matrimony descend upon you..Remember, It's marriage before sex ....Hehehe...
Okay we all know that sex is important in every marriage. in fact it is if not one of the basic thing in marriages. Imagine a couple always having one particular type of position with their partner...Hmmm, how boring could that be??.
Sex is meant to be enjoyed in different angles and in a mature way. Here are some great sex positions for married couples who want to keep things spicy in the bedroom, but not hurt themselves.

#1 The Dome
This is a simple position. All he has to do is hold himself up. And all she has to do is lift up her lower body. Some doctors also recommend this position for newly married couples who are ready for kids.

#2 The Rocking Horse
This requires a fair amount of strength in your legs and thighs.Once she is on top, the rocking motion does all the work.

 #3 The spider's web. This is an exciting position if the man's back is flexible enough for him to get into it! It also helps if he has a long banana.

 #4 The Butterfly
Easy on both partners. Knee pads can be worn.

#5 Head to head
Although many men like the missionary position more than any other, it's worth trying this variation, which can provide a whole new range of different sensations.

 #6 Cowgirl In The Saddle 
 this is a more exciting version of the Reverse Cowgirl, in that the partners can look at each other as they make love, and the woman has greater flexibility of movement - she can move forwards or backwards to find the angle of her body that gives them both most pleasure.

 #7.The couch
The male partner relaxes with his back well supported so that he can form a comfortable place for his partner to sit between his knees, which are raised slightly off the bed.

#8 Lap dancing
Again, this is not a technically difficult position, but it is a highly enjoyable one, since the couple can kiss and caress, the man can touch his partner's breasts, and she can move in whatever way gives them both most pleasure. Like all positions where the woman has the dominant role, this one enables her to move in the way that best stimulates her clitoris and G spot.


Anonymous said...

Kamify is it by force to marry?, I still want to rock my singlehood and who told you it must be sex after marriage. Did you wait after marriage to have sex?~Jady

Kam ify said...

Lol, @Jady, yes I waited till I got married and I must say, it was worth waiting for. Hehehe

Oge chukwura said...

Ify u r funny

Kenneth Ludalo said...

Good for married couples as for me, no marriage but sex is like a necessity

Kam ify said...

@Kenneth, sex no be food, but why "No" to marriage?