Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Actor Van Vicker Takes Ghanaian Website To Court Over False Publication That He Had Ebola

Honestly I don't feel sorry for them, publishing such news was not necessary because anything that comes with Ebola has it's own stigma and the fact they published the story as a mimic, is so stupid!... Actor Van Vicker is set to take Ghanaian Website OMGGhana to court over  false news that he had contracted the deadly Ebola virus while shooting a move in Liberia.

According to Razz Newspaper, The actor through his lawyer is set serve the CEO publisher of the website, Paa Kwasi Boakye with a lawsuit.
Van’s Vicker who was shocked by the fake publication, addressed the issue on Live FM  radio and is now suing the website for stigmatization and also Ghana’s Foreign Ministry had barred him from entering Ghana over the Fale news.
The actor confirmed to Razz Newspaper that, despite calls from other media to drop the case, he is determined to continue because he has been a victim of so many false publication and that the level of unprofessionalism in the field is becoming unbearable and his pursuance of the case in court may serve as a warning to others.
  “All the false stories affect me a lot, but this particular one I must say, has made people to be look at me with so much skepticism. Others make expensive jokes at me when I go to town which is not funny. I waste time explaining myself to people that the Ebola story is bogus when I could be doing something productive,” he lamented.

 He explained how other false publications has affected his life;
“I am worried about my kids right now because the same thing happened when they put up a story on Facebook I had an accident and I was possibly going to die,” he said.  “People were telling them all sorts of stories and this time too I am afraid they are going to go to school and their friends will probably be keeping their distance from my kids because there is the possibility that they are also infected,” he explained. 

Speaking to the Paa Kwasi Boakye, he stated that, the story has already been taken down from the website although the story was a satirical piece which is meant for entertainment purposes only. The intent of such articles, according to him, is to mimic situations that make the headlines in daily news.


Anonymous said...

Do they have money to pay him?What they did was wrong but he should forget it since they pulled the post down~Jady

Unknown said...

He need to teach them a lesson. People who have joked with this ebola thing got arrested. You don't jokw with such virus.