Saturday, October 25, 2014

"I Fell Out with Dame Jonathan Because I refused to Share Rivers Money with Her" -Gov. Rotimi Amaechi

It's no longer news that Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi, and first lady of Nigeria Dame Patience Jonathan are no friends. The Governor said the reason that Patience Jonathan is not supportive of him is because of his refusal to share Rivers State money with her.
“Remember, when I became governor, I fought militancy. Right there where you built a new house, there used to be a hole where they pass into the river and escape. The security report reached me and I came here and chased the militants away. I asked them to fence the school premises and block that hole. I have to protect you because, it is my responsibility. Some of the militants went to Lagos, Ivory Coast, Ghana etc.... Continue reading

“Today, they are back because the wife of the President brought them back to protest against me. I refused to give them money in Abuja because if I do that, I won’t be able to carry out any development project or finish the road from Rumuolumeni to Rumuepirikom. The quarrel between me and the wife of the President is because she said I should bring your money, Rivers people money and share with her" he stated during the joint graduation of students of University of Ibadan and Pioneer graduands of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education held yesterday at Rumuolumeni, in Port Harcourt

He further blamed the failure of the Rumuolumeni road construction project to an indigene of the area and described Nyesom Wike as a Minister who was incompetent.
  “I told the people of Rumuolumeni that we have awarded N1.5 billion for their internal roads and have also paid the indigenous contractor who is from the area the sum of N700 million. We said, Rivers money for Rivers people, because they don’t have capital. “This man took the contract and gave it to a man who now wants to be governor.
This man that is being backed by Mrs Jonathan gave N250 million to the indigenous contractor and disappeared with N450 million without constructing the road. “And this is the man who wants to be governor, with billboards screaming the concept of New Vision. What kind of vision is that for a thief? They have been thieves for too long, so it cannot be new vision. “The only thing that is new is that he has industrialised stealing.

News Source: This Day Newspaper


Eddy Duke said...

This man should lie low and do his job. Talking too much might land him in trouble.

Anonymous said...

@Eddy, why should he stop talking?, someone needs to speak the truth out sometimes. Nigerians can't continue to live in ignorance. All we have parading themselves as politicians are all thieves~Jady