Monday, October 27, 2014

‘I’d Rather Read A Cookbook By ISIS’: Critics Slam Kris Jenner Cookbook

Lol, I admire the fact that extends her hand in every angle to make money.... Barely less than few days Kris Jenner released her new cookbook "In the Kitchen With Kris"  it is already getting slammed by critics.Some said they will perfer reading a cookbook written my the terrorist group ISIS than reading her book.. The book was sold at $22 when released but has been dropped to $15.

According to Kris Jenner’s 224-page new cookbook has been rated 2.3 out of five stars and on Amazon bestseller chart, it is at number 5,184. Amazon reviewers have trashed the book calling it “terrible garbage” — and worse!
 “The recipes in here are bland and tasteless,” one reviewer wrote. “I made the macaroni and cheese, and you would think with all the different varieties of cheese used, it would be flavorful, but instead I got a very expensive, unedible[sic] mass of oily noodles.” “Terrible garbage,” the reviewer summed up. 
Another chimed in, “Surely this is a joke! I suspect the only time she’s been in a kitchen is to kvetch to the caterer and get some more vodka. Can’t believe people waste their money on this garbage.” 

Said another critic, “I would rather read a cookbook written by ISIS.” 

Jenner’s book came under criticism almost immediately after it was released for her seeming snub of estranged husband Bruce.
She frequently describes her loving life with ex-husband Robert Kardashian in the text, but the former Olympian receives little mention.

Is this all about the book or just Kris Jenner?...Lol


Eddy Duke said...

It's more of the book than Kris

Oge chukwura said...

I no fit laugh hahahahha

Anonymous said...

Lol, it is all about Kris not her cookbook. Many Americans dislike her, she should stick to fashion and managing her children~Jady