Monday, October 6, 2014

Linda Ikeji To Be Penalized By Google For Plagiarism?

There is war going on twitter right now over popular blogger Linda Ikeji's blog, in fact as we talk Google has pulled down some of her post after a twitter user said he had asked Google to pull down her post for copyright and Plagiarism. He also listed some of other international blogs such as TMZ, DailymailUK that she copied some of their news word to word without authorization.

Some twitter users were on the defensive side of the popular blogger while some says she need to be penalized for plagiarism.

For me I think almost all bloggers are guilty of this not just Linda Ikeji, but since she is more popular, all eyes are fixed on her and more to do with the Range Rover SUV that she bought recently..Many people thinks she makes money now and has to follow the right procedure....  According to music activist Lawyer Uduak she listed 2 mistakes Linda Ikeji made which are;
1. Not incorporating as a business to shield her from personal liability.
2. Not having her own self hosted platform... You can read more of what she said here .
Here are some screen shot below....Read from below to the top.

Linda Ikeji is said to generate an income from her blog of about $900,000 (N140m) annually mostly from advertisements and sponsored posts.


Anonymous said...

This one is pure jealousy. They should leave her alone to enjoy the fruit of her Labour.

Oge chukwura said...

Abeg make them free Linda Ikeji biko

Eddy Duke said...

I just read her write up concerning this issue, it's all jealousy because she is making money. Kamify plz learn from Linda, don't let anyone have access to your blog they use means like that to hack people's blog.