Friday, October 10, 2014

Photos: Angry Mob Use Butcher's Knife To Castrate Rapist Caught Trying To Rape A Teenage Girl In India

An India man is said to be in a critical condition after some mobs cut off his private part for trying to rape a teenage girl in India.
According to reports, some group of men in India's northwestern Rajasthan state heard screams for help in an isolated path and ran to help only to find a 40-year-old Suresh Kumar pinning a little girl on the wall while trying to forcefully rape.
The angry mob lynched and dragged him to a butchers shop where he was beaten for hours before castrating him then dumped him on the road.
Suresh Kumar who was bleeding tried getting help but no one wanted to help him because everyone knew what his offense....Police are now looking for those responsible for chopping off his private part... See more photos below....

Photo source & news: DailyMailUK


Anonymous said...

The Creator lives. Amen.

Eddy Duke said...

What he did was wrong but castrating him was not the best option. Anyway I hope he survives and learn his lesson.

Oge chukwura said...

India and rapist anyway serves him right