Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How Possible?...Surgeons Pull Live Lung Fish From Man's Intestine(Video)

I am yet to get over the shock of watching this video.... According to Hospital Universitario, in Brazil, surgeons were able to save an unnamed man's life after they pulled out a lung fish out from his intestine. According to Hospital Universitario in Londrina, a city in southern Brazil, the unnamed man decided to put the fish into his own rear as part of a bizarre sexual fantasy.
 Instead of being able to pull it out, the South American Lungfish wriggled its way up into the gentleman's guts, passing a 'considerable way' before he sought medical help. The fish was surgically removed by doctors who say they have "no idea" how the footage ended up being leaked onto social media.


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How did the fish get in there?~Jady

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