Thursday, November 6, 2014

How Reduction Of Dangote Cement Prize Has Affected Other Cement Sellers

Dangote Plc surprise many after they announced a slash prize of Dangote cement on Monday. The cement which initially cost wN1,700 was reduced to N1,000... Many Nigerians especially people into house projects saw it as a welcome development but to some cement distributors in Ilorin has shown mixed feeling towards the new price slash.

A Dangote cement distributor in Ilorin, Alhaji  Ahmed Folorusho told NAN that he had not sold his old stock and with this new price slash, it will be more difficult to sell off his cement. Folorusho did not welcome the idea of Aliko Dangote reducing the price of cement because he bought his stock while at the old price.
"The price of Dangote cement in my store has not changed because there is no way I can sell at the new price as I did not buy it at that price. I bought it at N1,650" 

Another cement distributor of Lafarge cement depot in Ilorin Mr Michael Opeyemi said  sales had dropped since the new price and customers are taking their time to buy pending until the new price takes full effect in the market.
 "I think they are waiting for the new price to take effect , I do not know how we are going to dispose of the old stock now."

Meanwhile other people like Muyiwa Oladipo  a block molder find it as a good idea...
"It is a good idea, the price reduction might lower the prices of block and make the commodity afforable to people." "It could also mean that people could build more houses for rent and private use and that will boast our business."

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Anonymous said...

They can cry till tomorrow, they did the right thing by reducing the cost of cement price.

Nkechi Oluka