Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lol, Rihanna Is Pregnant...And The Father Of Her Baby Might Be Drake- MTO Reports

Loool, this is the loudest laugh I have ever had... Why is everyone pointing at Drake for every misfortune with their girlfriends??.. It all started with Chris Brown accusing him of sleeping with his woman while he was in jail, then to Diddy punching Drake for stalking his woman Cassie. While some tabloid said the fight was because of music right....now Mediatakeout's exclusive gist is pointing fingers to Drake as being the father to Rihanna's pregnancy rumor... For your info. Mediatakeout's story is most times 40% accurate even when they swear it's true, so read with a pinch of salt until proven from the horses mouth.

 MediaTakeOut.com just received a BLOCKBUSTER report yesterday - Rihanna is PREGNANT. This is NOT rumors y'all . . . it's 100% CERTIFIED FACTS!!!
We spoke with TWO SEPARATE SOURCES that told us that Rihanna is working on a NEW SONG ON HER ALBUM - where she will talk about being pregnant. One tipster explained, "The song is a ballad,where Rihanna talks about the "baby growing inside me." And there's more.
 Rihanna has banned ALL WEED SMOKING inside the studio while she records - a VERY unusual step for Rihanna, who is known for smoking weed like a CHIMNEY!! We're told that Rihanna is EXTREMELY happy about having a baby, and that she JUST FOUND OUT about her pregnancy a FEW DAYS AGO!! Congratulations to Rih - we LOVE HER TO DEATH and are so HAPPY about her new family. As for the father - we have NO IDEA WHO IT CAN BE - some folks are speculating that it could be Drake. But we don't have ANY INFORMATION on who it can be.
Oh and we are not 80% sure about this, or 90% . . . we're 100% ON RIH BEING PREGNANT. In fact, we're SO CERTAIN . . . that we'll bet ANY MEDIA COMPANY that doubts Rihanna's pregnancy $10,000. Come on . . . anyone wanna put their MONEY UP against our reporting!!!


Oge chukwura said...

Wow let's wait and see because MTO do lie sometimes

Anonymous said...

MTO carry the most fake news ever. I wonder why these people haven't sued them.