Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nigerian Student Beaten Up By Groups Of Men In Malaysia(Video)

I still don't why people take laws into their hands... This gruesome video uploaded on YouTube shows how some group of men beating a Nigerian man whose identity was revealed as Masur a student living in Malaysia. The group of men about seven was seen hitting, kicking the man while trying to force him into a white car. One of the men was seen hitting him with a batton. Later he tried escaping but was caught up again. Few minutes some men in helmet I assume to be police arrived and handcuffed him away.
According to the person who uploaded the video said;
A small quarrel after a vehicular accident escalates into a bloody fight with the local bike gang in which Mansur, a Nigerian student was beaten with a combination of weapons from nightsticks to bike helmets.
Watch clip below....


Oge chukwura said...

Chai is not easy for blacks to live in western countries so much hatred

Anonymous said...

This is so wrong~Jady