Friday, January 2, 2015

British Mother Of 11 Going For Baby Number 12 Just Barely A Year Of Giving Birth To Twins

This must be the most ridiculous news you are about to read,lol....British mother of 11 children,Cheryl Prudham, might be pregnant with baby number 12 just less than a year of giving birth to twins. Early this week she posted a picture of a 12-week baby scan with a caption:'Prudham baby #12'. With the 12th baby on the way, Cheryl Prudham might be earning extra £700-a-year in benefits which have sparked so many criticisms on social media as some people feels the family are purposely having more kids to rip off money from the government.

Just last year, Mrs Prudham demanded their local council to provide a bigger house for her large family. Mrs Prudham also revealed that her benefit money help her fund a £30-a-week smoking habit and have paid for the family to redecorate their five-bedroom council house.
Although she later pulled down the picture on Facebook but her neighbors are not finding it funny
Mrs with her twins
One said: 'It is disgusting. What sort of an example is she setting for her other kids? She is taking the mick and telling them it is okay to live off the government and not work hard for your money. 'Her money should be stopped, but if it is then it is the kids that will suffer. I feel sorry for them the most, because of their parents, they could lose out on things.

 Another resident added: 'They're a joke, the whole family.But surely the government is to blame too? The woman is only in her 30's, who knows how many more kids she could have.'
The family on two-week holiday in Menorca last year

Mrs Prudham had her first son George, 13, when she was just 17 and was living in a homeless hostel in Kent in the summer of 2000.Then later had second son, Jack, 12, and her eldest daughter Caitlin, eight. She then had three unplanned pregnancies; Maisie, seven, Lillie, five, and Madison, four. In March 2009, she met current husband Rob and they had Leon, now three.
They then had Lenny, now two, before she gave birth to daughter Lainey in January last year. She then had twins Lacey-May and Lexi-Rose last year.

Check out the family's income
£1,400: Wages for work as carers (they work 40 hours a week)
1,733: Child tax credits
£510: Child benefit
£280: Working tax credits


Anonymous said...

Abeg thy should block the hole with glue~Jady

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Hahahahahah like the one i do watch on TLC 19 and still counting

Anonymous said...

Is having children not hardwork? If it is that easy people should have and be paid government handouts...

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Does she even go through labour pains?, 12 children is too much.