Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dear KIB Readers: Memo To All Private Company Owners

I got this from a female reader yesterday.....Hello Kamify, can you please post this on your blog?....
Dear CEO of companies,
If you are a boss and CEO of a company, the change can start from you and your friends. Please let's spread the word, if you intend employing a gradate for a job of N150,00 or N200,00 to work from 8am-5pm, you can split the money into two and have them work 8am- 2pm, 2pm-8pm.

 This will reduce unemployment rate in the country, crime,terrible traffic situations and it will make them more reproductive working for less hours and also make people live longer. This change should cut across all sectors. Please help spread the message little change like this can help make Nigeria a better place.

I think this is a good idea, even in advance countries this is how work is split so that there will be less unemployments. Work shifts are not only meant for doctors and nurses. Nigeria can embrace this system too to cut unemployment..


Eddy Duke said...

Honestly, this way can help to reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Apart from bankers and doctors do we have any company paying up to N150,000?~Jady