Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Indian Millionaire Crush Security Guard With His Hummer Because He Was Too Slow To Open The Gates

An Indian millionaire is facing murder charges charged after allegedly crushing his security man with his Hummer because he was being too slow to open his gates in India. Mohammed Nisham a wealthy man is accused of chasing his 50-year-old guard, K Chandrabose, with his SUV inside an apartment complex last month, squeezing him against a wall before beating him with an iron rod.

 Chandrabose,died yesterday from injuries sustained on him after being in hospital on life-support in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
Mohammed Nisham who now in police custody has had several police cases filed against him, including one for allowing his nine-year-old son to drive his £127,000 Ferrari on a public road in 2013. He was granted bail on some cases and was ordered to pay fines for others.Nisham has a thriving tobacco and real estate business in Kerala. He reportedly also owns hotel and jewellery businesses in the Middle East. During his arrest in 2013, police found he owned 18 high-end cars worth an estimated $4m (£2.6m), including a Bentley and a Lamborghini.

His 9 years old son driving Ferrari
 On his one of his son´s birthday, he allowed his 9 years old son drive his Ferrari with nobody else in the vehicle except for his six-year-old brother while they filmed him then uploaded the footage to YouTube.. Watch clip below....


Anonymous said...

Gosh!, wat manner of man is this guy?and wat point is he trying to achieve by allowing his 9 years old son drive a FERRARI?, now he has killed his gateman just because he was too slow to open the gate. This kind of people should be locked up in the most cruel cell with keys thrown away throw away. He is not fit to be called a human.

Eddy Duke said...

Heartless man!.

Oge chukwura said...

Some rich men behaves like a goat they should jail the idiot