Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oh My! Acrobatic Gemma Collins Displays Her Voluptuous Curves On The Beach In Dubai

She recently claimed her body is 'disgusting' and revealed she is hoping to shed at least three stone in weight. Gemma Collins went displaying her acrobatic moves in Dubia and there after the plus-size clothing designer collapsed in an exhausted heap on the floor as she struggled to catch her breath. Lol
 Gemma has previously put her weight problems down to an 'insulin problem', insisting she eats a healthy diet and works out three times a week. She said in an interview with Dailymail in 2013:
'Every day I struggle with my weight, but at the end of the day people forget that I have an insulin problem. 'I mean, I am healthy because I eat healthily and work out, but my body produces three times as much insulin as it should do, which turns into sugar and that then turns into fat.
In spite of claiming she is keen to shed the pounds as soon as possible after piling on three stone during her relationship with Rami, Gemma was tucking into a tasty plate of pizza as she soaked up the sun by the side of the pool. See more of her acrobatic display below....


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