Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Juicy!..What's Going On With Wizkid, His Girlfriend Tania And Baby Mama Shola?

This people they always like keeping us on suspense, but here is what it looks like. There has been news trending that Wizkid and his girlfriend Tania relationship might be drifting apart and making head way for Shola his babymama to come in which she is still playing hard to get. You know these people they love talking with photos rather than hitting the nail on the head. So with all the pictures I have seen, I added some figures to conclude at this. Ready?....then continue reading below...

Recently Wizboy Wizkid posted a photo on his instagram page where he choose ‘In the studio’ over ‘In a relationship’, so what happens to "In a relationship"status? (does that give you a hint?)...

Wizkid posted yesterday
But before then his babe Tania posted a photo on her instagram page that read 'Just because you love someone so much, does not mean they are the right one for you'.

Tania posted last week
 Meanwhile, Wizkid's babymama broke up with her boyfriend weeks ago 'cos of Wizkid and lately she posted photos of a new phone, box of chocolate  (from Wizkid I guess).

Shola's post
While Tania posted the above words on her page, Shola also posted the above photo on her page on same week and of course we know what she meant by bad tooth. Hehehe

 So like I said you guys should do the math, do you think all is well with Wizkid and Tania?, and do you think Wizkid and his babymama Shola will get back together if Tania is no more in the picture?

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Anonymous said...

Both girls are waisting there are time coz I'll not marry one of them