Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ladies, Here Are The List Of 13 Types Of Men You Need To Avoid

Regardless of how handsome or dashing they seem, there are men out there that just spell trouble when it comes to having a serious relationship. It’s not that they’re bad boys or heartbreakers; they’re just not commitment material. However you maybe falling head over heels for one, and he later breaks your heart, just remember I told you that these 13 types of men need to be avoid...

1. The Bad Boy
At one time or another, every girl has a thing for the guy who just doesn’t play by the rules. The attraction we have to the bad boys can quickly fade when rebellion turns into recklessness. The bad boys will just break your heart or the law. Or both of them

2. The Underachiever 
Video games, couch, raiding the refrigerator, repeat. This is the daily existence of the cute guy you have a thing for. If he has no hobbies, skills, or future aspirations outside of his living room, you know you’ve just encountered the attractive but exceedingly lazy underachiever.

3. The Workaholic
His finances are impeccable and the word "overtime" frequents his vocabulary. Sure, his bills are paid with money to spare for the weekend. But what good is having a weekend without an actual date? If his work schedule makes a social life impossible, investing hopes of being a happy couple might make you feel secondary to the job.

4. The Guy Who Reminds You of Your Ex 
If you find yourself comparing your current romantic interest to your previous, you’re pursuing the guy who reminds you of your ex. In terms of dating history, sometimes girls tend to repeat the past. Try expanding your dating options to avoid having your love life stuck on repeat.

5. The Mama’s Boy 
There are certain men that may be knit just a little too tightly to a woman that they’ve bonded with through the years. If he must clear all plans with mother or constantly seeks her approval above all else, you may be dealing with the mama’s boy. Sure, familial bonds are important. But most mama’s boys aren’t looking for a girlfriend. They’re looking for a girl who will cook, clean and be a wonderful mother... to them.

6. The Control Freak: ​
He may offer you protection at first, however, in the end he might end up suffocating you because he wants to keep track of your schedule and also wants to know everything you do.

7. The Cheater Enough said.

8. The Broke Guy 
I don't believe money can't buy love, but I also don't believe you should try and date a guy who is content living paycheck to paycheck, who never aims to get himself a better job. Get a man who is motivated and has enough ambition to fulfill his dreams.

 9. The Club Guy 
This is the guy who can be found at any club in town, most nights or weekends of the week. Remember, you will never find a keeper at the bar counter!

10. The Bossy Guy
Love is selfless. But not for this guy.He will try to run your life, telling you what to wear, who to see, or what you should look like. In many instances, they are also controlling and abusive. If you have such a man in your life, then it may be time to run for the hills!

 11. The Secretive One 
A person in a relationship should be honest, open and be willing to share things with you. Don't push him to reveal everything about himself, but do be cautious if after months of dating, if he's still not letting you in.

12. The One Who Doesn't like Your Family
If your guy consistently says he doesn't want to be around your family, refuses to attend events where they are present, or is generally rude to them, ditch him! He should love you for you, not your family, and he should respect you enough to treat them with kindness, regardless of how he feels.

13. The Dream Buster 
Any guy not willing to support your dreams and ambitions just isn’t for you!

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