Thursday, March 20, 2014

So Applying Semen On Your Face Can Make You Look Younger?

This 67 years old grandmother says that applying semen from her husband after sex was the secret behind her young, wrinkle free face (you can say that again).
Stella Ralfini says she learnt the bizarre anti-aging method while in India studying a unique sexual therapy called Tantra.
According to her, the ingredients you need is a lover with healthy sperm residue:

Once a fortnight semen mask is adequate to turn the clock back on your skin but this semen therapy must be kept up for three month periods to generate noticeable new cell growth. All you have to do is: At the end of your lovemaking session (in these instances preferably a ‘hand job’ to make collection of sperm a straightforward task), scoop a little seminal fluid into your hand and apply it to face and neck. Leave for fifteen minutes, wash off with warm water and apply your usual day/night cream .(I know some of you women will try this tonight)

Although research shows that the Human semen is rich in anti-oxidant, proteolytic proteins that helps to diminish aging lines on faces and helps to destroy dead layers on skin, revealing a more fresher skin layer.

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