Saturday, October 25, 2014

Photos: Queen Of Booby Kim Kardashian Shows Off Boobs At Her Birthday Party In Las Vegas

Are we surprised?..."Hell No". Were we expecting such or more?.. Heaven Yes!... Kim Kardashian showed up at her birthday party in Las Vegas in one of the most plunging dresses. The queen of booby who just clocked 34, wore a white skintight dress that left almost all her boob out. Kris Jenner also landed  Las Vegas with her fresh, dark, sexy young boyfriend, see below....More photos below...

Family arrives in Vegas & Kris Jenner over there with her boyfriend, 10th on the left

Photo Credit: UK Mirror & Instagram


Anonymous said...

Let Kim remove the silicon and show us the real breast. All these fake boob is not beauty~Jady

Oge chukwura said...

Happy birthday to her