Monday, March 10, 2014

WTF?....Lupita's Somali Rapper Boyfriend Is Married To Another East African Jawn!! (See Photos)

We hope Lupita ain’t homewreckin’! Last week reports surfaced that Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has been dating Somali-Canadian rapper K’Naan after photos of the two were published that showed them the morning after the Academy Awards.

According to Bossip blog:
We spoke exclusively to a source close to the family who confirmed that K’Naan was married to Deqa Gacal Warsame. Deqa is also an East African who was born in Somalia and raised in Toronto. Now here’s the tricky part. “They separated,” BOSSIP’s source, who asked to remain anonymous, revealed. Now here’s the kicker.

The reason for their separation? “Infidelity on his part.” We couldn’t get the specifics on who he was caught creeping with, but we’re sure hoping it’s not Lupita! There have been previous reports that the couple divorced in 2010, however our source says they reconciled. Maybe it’s possible they can work things through? For now all we can conclude for sure is that K’Naan and Deqa have a beautiful family

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