Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fummi Iyanda Says Don't Have Kids Immediately After Marriage...Who Agrees?

TV presenter and activist, Fummi Iyanda who recently clocked 43 on Sunday, July 27, during her speech gave advice about marriages and to young people. speaking on marriage, she warned young people to marry someone who makes them laugh and also has a job.
 “Learn how to make your own money, freedom is not gender specific; don’t have kids immediately after marriage”.
 Who agrees with Fummi on that part of not having children immediately after marriage?...I surly agree with her because couples need more time together before babies start coming in.


Anonymous said...

I agee with her but nowadays babies even come before marriage,we have so many examples~Jady

Eddy Duke said...

She is right, couples should wait like one yer or two before having babies