Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Looks So Real!: Penelope Cruz Spotted Flaunting Fake Baby Bump

This baby bump looks so real!...When will Nollywood learn to use things like this during movies instead of padding in clothes to form baby bumps. Don't get me wrong, I have taken my time to watch most pregnant scene in Nollywood movies and believe me, you don't need a telescope to see how fake and unoriginal those baby bump looks(we know they are fake but make us believe with our head that its real). Just a few of them actually tie the padded clothes well. Lol.
Penelope Cruz was spotted while on set of her new movie Ma Ma in Spain on Tuesday with co-stars wearing a bikini bra and flaunting a fake baby bump. Part of the scene were require to be shot in the water on the beach. See more photos from the movie scene below...

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Anonymous said...

How did they do it?,it looks so real