Sunday, August 24, 2014

First British Worker Infected By Deadly Ebola Flown To UK For Treatment

A British charity worker infected by the deadly ebola virus is set to be flown home today. The decision to fly him back in a desperate bid to save his life was taken yesterday after a top-level meeting during which Ministers concluded there was ‘no risk’ that the repatriation would trigger an outbreak in the UK
The man, the first Briton to contract the disease outside the laboratory, will be transported by the RAF from Sierra Leone, where 392 people are known to have died of the virus this year.

 A military aircraft  equipped with a specially designed isolation tent, and infectious diseases experts were on standby to oversee the emergency evacuation. Few details have emerged about the man’s identity, but it is understood he is a medic working for a British charity on the front line of the battle against ebola.

 He will be flown into RAF Northolt near Heathrow in West London then driven across the capital by London Ambulance Service to North London and the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead Heath – the only hospital in Britain equipped to treat an ebola patient and contain the virus.


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