Sunday, August 24, 2014

‘You need God’s guidance to survive in polygamous home’

Found this interesting topic on National Mirror.....Patricia Obi, affectionately called Trish by her admirers, studied Mass Communication at the University of Jos, Plateau State.
This amiable lady who is a TV presenter with African Broadcasting Network (ABN) which is owned by the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, loathes polygamy.

 “Yes, having come from a polygamous family; I would not advise anyone to go into it. In fact, you need the grace, guidance of Jesus Christ to be able to stand tall in a polygamous home. You have to be prayerful because there are so many things that come with it.

The other wife, who is your step mum, would want her own children to outshine you. And if you are better, jealousy and hatred would set in. Before you know it, more problems would arise,” she bemoaned.

Does that mean she wouldn’t marry a man already married to avoid polygamous issues?

 “Don’t be surprised at what I want to say. Unfortunately, I see myself almost in that same position but by His grace, I am trying to be different. I already have a child out of wedlock. I am a proud single mother anyway; my daughter just finished her junior secondary school. I am trying to be a role model to her; I want to give her the best she wants in life.
Being a single mother has not stopped men from wooing me. I have so many of my friends who are not married and don’t have a child, but they envy me a lot. That is why I said I am a proud single mother, though initially I never liked it, but now I am very happy with my baby girl,” she emphasised.

 Talking about her child made her remember her childhood.
 “My growing up was good just like any other person. I was a very shy girl when I was young. I used to keep to myself a lot, doing my own things in my own way. I grew up with friends; even in their midst I still found myself lonely,” she reminisced.

One thing she was passionate about as a child was listening to the gospel. This fervor has not waned even now that she’s grown up. Hence, she is desirous to reach out to people through the word of God soon and see if she could win more souls for the Lord.

 “For me, in the next few years, I would be a very great woman of God. I love God so much. I like to do anything that concerns Him. I have this feeling that I have not done anything for God yet. Because he brought me this far, when I remember where I am coming from, I appreciate Him for where He’s taken me. I see myself bringing many kids closer to God,” she said.

 Trish, who also runs an NGO called, Saving Life for African Diabetics Foundation, has a burning passion for gospel music. “Gospel music is soul-touching; it brings life and joy to your soul. One amazing thing is that it has really taken a new dimension In Christendom. In the next two or three years, gospel music will become a household song, and will be accepted wholeheartedly by believers and unbelievers. Gospel artistes in Nigeria are doing a great work; I wish churches and the clerics would encourage them,” she urged.

 She describes Pastor Oritsejafor whom she works for as a “true father, not just to those in faith but to the world generally. He is a God-sent our time. He is caring, peaceable, someone you would always want to be with.”

 Besides, she has another project at hand.
“I have a big project I am working on. It is a program packaged to encourage our youths and everyone out there who has a dream and feel they can make it. It is a program that is set to reach out to the less-privileged. I tagged it ‘TC Atmosphere of Love’. It is really going to be a great show. Watch out for Trish Cruz on your television,” she said.

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Polygamous home is not so easy to live in