Thursday, August 21, 2014

UK Security Services In Manhunt For The Masked Londoner Who Beheaded The American Journalist

Following the horrific video that was posted yesterday as an American journalist James Foley was been beheaded by a masked man who was said to had a British accent, a massive manhunt was launched after a former hostage said he believed the masked Islamic State maniac was a Londoner he had known as ‘John’.

As reported by DailymaikUk....
The fanatic who beheaded an American journalist was last night named as one of a gang of British jihadis known as ‘The Beatles’ The security services are also close to establishing the identity of the killer who cut James Foley’s throat in a horrific propaganda video.

Said to be a senior Islamic State operative, he was trusted earlier this year to negotiate a hostage exchange. The security services are using advanced voice recognition techniques to try to identify the murderer seen in the five-minute IS video, which has been viewed by thousands of people online.

The Briton, who uses his left hand and wears Timberland boots, speaks with what appears to be an East London accent as he makes a series of threats to President Obama and the West.

Yesterday, a man who was held in the Syrian city of Raqqa claimed the fanatic is intelligent, educated and a follower of radical Islamic teachings. He said international hostages called ‘John’ and his fellow Britons The Beatles because they were from the UK.
Anti-terror investigators are now seeking to establish that the voice in the video is that of the man brandishing the knife before Mr Foley, rather than a voiceover. The Briton’s role as a negotiator and self-styled executioner shows the extent to which British Muslims have become embedded in IS.
 It will also raise questions as to whether enough is being done to stem the flow of UK fighters to Syria and Iraq.

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