Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9 Rules Of Engagement If You Want To Be A Successful Celebrity In Naija -Duncan Mighty

Lol, I just couldn't help to share this funny piece written by Duncan Mighty on his Facebook wall....rules of engagement if you want to be a successful celebrity in Naija.....

“#GOODMORNING o)Being a celebrity in Naija!! Rules of Engagement.

1. You must be a mobile # ATM at all times. Very applicable to the following (Police, customs and immigration officers) at check points, airports and borders as well as area boys.*fly* *run*

2. You must never have personal problems only solve people's problems. including buying breakfast for strange figures ' boys must chop' *dine*

3. You must never have moods. It's forbidden you are not human remember? :s *SUSPICIOUS :|

 4.You must never have an opinion. its not permitted. Else you incur the people's wrath.

5. You must be ready to receive insults on social media platforms especially from annoying anonymous persons. ~:-)

6. You must never have a life

7. You must be ready to over look and endure everything even if it's to your detriment. After all you are a #Celeb :s

8. Be ready to pay your fans for seeing your movies or listening to your music. You are everyone's fan! Ever been told 'you are my biggest fans oo I dey watch your film oo make you settle.

9. Be sure u ll b sexually harrassed by a female or male X_X hmmnn if I'm your fan I wonder what you are to me?:O :]Y
Well just follow these nine simple guidelines and you can never go wrong. Remember that's the Price for fame.”

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