Friday, September 19, 2014

Check Out 14 Celebrities Who Swore To Stay Virgins Until Marriage

With todays' crazy world of sex, some celebrities years back vowed to remain virgins until after marriage. I don't know if all of them maintained their vows or have broken it along the way after they swore publicly to abstain until after marriage....Some celebs like Jordon Sparks, Jonas brothers even wore a promise ring to remain pure until marriage and some of them were married as a virgin. You will be shocked at who they were...Here's a look at some famous celebs who vowed to stay virgins till they get married.

 1.  Singer Celine Dion’s first time was with her much older manager-turned-hubby, Rene Angelil whom she married at the age of 26.

 2. Jessica Simpson, who received a purity ring from her father at age 12, stayed celibate until her 2002 wedding to Nick Lachey. She was 22 then.

 3. Cute girl Taylor Swift, who is honest about love and broken hearts in her songs, abstains from talking about sex. She too is saving virginity for her marriage.

4.Before their wedding, Spencer Pratt talked about his 'virgin' girlfriend Heidi Montag - a reality star and singer - and her deep rooted religious values on Ryan Seacrest's morning show. “We don’t sin over here,” said Spencer. He added that they place “pillows in between” them at night so they’re not tempted to have sex. The duo got married in 2009.

 5. Supermodel Brooke Shields was a virgin until the age of 22 because she didn't like the way she looked.

 6. Now this one is going to be a real shocker! The Williams sisters - Venus and Serena claim they have deep Christian morals, and don't believe in having sex before marriage.

7. Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima began signing modelling contracts since she was 15; but managed to stay a virgin till 27. She has always emphasized on sex after marriage and saved it for her husband Marco Jaric whom she married in 2009. The gorgeous supermodel now has two kids and still manages to look like this! Have mercy on us mere mortals Adriana!

 8. 32-year-old track and field star Lolo has yet to have sex because it's "a gift I want to give my husband," and despite her hardest efforts, she hasn't been able to find any contenders. Jones first announced she was a virgin on the social networking website Twitter.

 9. Friends star Lisa Kudrow says she remained a virgin till 32, until her marriage to French businessman Michael Stern. "I had to make myself worthy of the kind of man I have in mind," she said.

 10. Bollywood star and comedian Tina Fey said she was a virgin until she met her husband Jeff Richmond when she was 24.

 11. American Idol winner Jordin Sparks has long admitted that she is a virgin and still is despite being involved in a relationship with Jason Derulo.

12. The Jonas Brothers all practice abstinence and wear purity rings to prove it. The eldest of the trio, Kevin Jonas, said goodbye to the ring when he got married at the age of 21.

13. Taylor Lautner, one of the hottest bachelor in Hollywood, has once stated in an interview that he practices abstinence.

14. Taylor Lautner, one of the hottest bachelor in Hollywood, has once stated in an interview that he practices abstinence. Britain's Got Talent's Susan Boyle, was 47 when she took the world by storm with her sweet voice. She then shocked the world by admitting that she is a virgin and has never been kissed in life!


Eddy Duke said...

I don't think Jordon is still a virgin, she already took off her purity ring.

Oge chukwura said...

That's good for them